Bird Watching Tours

Nuwara Eliya, perched on the highlands of the island, is a haven for bird watchers due to its location in the wet zone. This geographical setting makes it an ideal habitat for a diverse range of bird species, both migratory and endemic. Among the endemic birds that attract enthusiasts are the Ceylon whistling thrush, Ceylon wood pigeon, Yellow eared bull bull, and Ceylon white eye.

For those passionate about bird watching, the Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya offers tailor-made experiences with dedicated bird watching sites and knowledgeable naturalists. Here are some notable locations around Nuwara Eliya for bird watching:

Galway’s Bird Sanctuary : A designated sanctuary providing a habitat for various bird species, Galway’s Bird Sanctuary is a serene spot for bird watchers.

Horton Plains National Park : Known for its diverse ecosystem, Horton Plains National Park is home to unique bird species. The varied landscapes, including grasslands and cloud forests, attract a wide range of birds.

Victoria Park : A well-maintained park in the heart of Nuwara Eliya, Victoria Park is a favorite among bird watchers. Its lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere create a perfect setting for observing both resident and migratory birds.

Hakgala Botanical Garden : Famous for its extensive collection of plants, Hakgala Botanical Garden is also a hotspot for bird watching. The combination of diverse flora and fauna enhances the bird-watching experience.

Bomburu Ella Forest : Located near Nuwara Eliya, Bomburu Ella Forest is a rich biodiversity hotspot. Bird watchers can explore the forest trails and discover a variety of bird species in this natural habitat.

Engaging in bird watching in Nuwara Eliya is not just a recreational activity; it is a form of meditation that reaffirms one’s connection to the Earth’s diverse ecosystems. The experience of observing rare and endemic birds in their natural habitats, guided by a well-versed naturalist, adds a profound dimension to the appreciation of nature and biodiversity. The Grand Hotel’s commitment to providing a customized bird-watching experience enhances the overall enjoyment for avid bird watchers visiting this picturesque region.

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