Presidential Suite

Two spacious bedroomed luxury getaway

sq ft

1,260 sq ft

two beds 50x50

Two bedrooms

Spacious Rooms 50x50

Spacious living area

Crafted with discerning travelers in mind, the 2-bedroom, 1,260 sq ft Presidential Suite provides a sanctuary of opulence. It boasts a cozy fireplace seating area, along with a well-equipped dining space and pantry, ensuring every need is catered for.

Presidential Suite by Grand

Indulge in opulence within the 1260 sq ft Presidential Suite featuring two exquisitely furnished bedrooms. Revel in the warmth of the cozy fireplace in the spacious living area, complemented by a meticulously designed dining space and a fully-stocked pantry, ensuring a lavish and comfortable stay.

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Presidential Suite

  • Offers a spacious living area with 1,260 square feet for comfortable living.
  • Convenience of two separate bedrooms, ideal for multiple occupants or versatile use.
  • Generous living space creates an inviting environment for various activities.
  • A designated dining area and a pantry, enhancing functionality for meals
  • A dedicated personal butler for top-notch service and comfort

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